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Tone your Tummy this Summer with Accent RF Treatment

Summer is here, the sun is out and it will soon be time to bare all on the beach once again. This is a fact that has not been lost on many of us, as we work ourselves ragged in the gym in pursuit of the perfect flat tummy. However, these months of healthy eating and exercise can feel in vain when we come up against the obstacle of stubborn fat. It can leave you feeling extremely frustrated when you are not seeing the result you want, thanks to the presence of unwanted and difficult to budge fat. But this pre-holiday woe can be a thing of the past with the help of Accent RF treatment.

Accent RF treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to improve to the look and feel of small areas of unwanted fat by contouring the fat into a more flattering shape, which it does through the use of radio frequency wavelengths. The treatment involves heating the area of treatment with these radio frequency wavelengths to a temperature at which the fat cells are mouldable. Once heated, the fat cells can be augmented in a number of ways in order to achieve the desired result; this includes repositioning, reshaping and even shrinking the fat cells.

The great thing about Accent RF treatment is its non-surgical and non-invasive nature. This is a huge positive as it means patients can gain the results they want without the need to undergo surgery, which is often more costly and risky. It also means that the risks involved with Accent RF treatment are dramatically reduced too, meaning that patients can enjoy their treatment safe in the knowledge that there is little risk of complication.

Accent RF treatment is also designed with the modern patient in mind. The treatment takes only 30 minutes on average and requires minimal recovery time, meaning it is the perfect fat contouring treatment for patients with busy lifestyles. Patients can even sit the treatment in their lunch break and return to work right away, with no impact on productivity.

When considering a treatment it is also important that patients research and factor in the risks involved with the treatment, in order to make an informed decision. There are no known ‘risks’ involved with Accent RF treatment thanks to its non-surgical and non-invasive form, but it does come with the possibility of side-effects. Following treatment, patients may experience redness or a dry sensation to the treated skin. These side-effects are minor and usually subside within a matter of hours.

After treatment, patients will gain a toned and slender looking result to the tummy, so they’ll be beach ready in no time at all.. The results of Accent RF treatment usually last between 6-18 months.

Professional opinion

Dr. Thevendra is the cosmetic doctor at APSARAS clinic and is one of the leading providers of Accent RF treatment. He said;

Accent RF treatment is a great option for this time of year. Many of us find it a struggle to shift those last couple of inches of stubborn fat in time for our summer holiday, and it can be huge source of frustration. Accent RF treatment gives you a way to contour your unwanted fat in a time period that suits your schedule. However, patients need to be aware that Accent RF treatment is designed for small areas of stubborn fat, and not larger areas, before opting for the treatment.”

“If you are considering Accent RF treatment, I would strongly suggest seeking the advice of an experienced cosmetic professional, such as myself. This will ensure that you gain the correct information to base your decision on and gain the best results if you do choose to undergo treatment.”

If you would like more information on Accent RF treatment, book your consultation today by calling (024) 7669 3700, and get your toned tummy in time for summer.