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How To Treat Acne At APSARAS Clinic

Acne is the world’s most common skin condition, and it can be an extremely difficult condition to fight, especially during the summer months when our sweat glands go into overdrive and it’s easier for the bacteria to thrive. If you have had enough of your acne prone skin this summer, APSARAS clinic is here to help you fight your condition; here’s our guide to acne treatment with APSARAS clinic.

Killing the bacteria

Acne can be caused by an number of contributing factors, but one of the most common is bacteria. This is an issue that can be fought but can be extremely difficult. APSARAS clinic offers Lustre Pure Light treatment to combat this issues which effectively kills the bacteria present in the skin.

We all know that the sun has acne fighting properties, but we also now know that sun’s rays contain harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage the skin. Lustre Pure Light treatment takes the bacteria killing elements of sunlight whilst eradicating the harmful UV rays. The treatment uses a natural blue light to effectively stimulate a chemical called porphyrin within the skin. When irritated this chemical effectively kills the acne causing bacteria leaving patients with acne free skin.

“The great thing about Lustre Pure Light treatment is that it doesn’t cause further damage to the skin,” said Dr. Thevendra, the cosmetic doctor at APSARAS clinic. “This is a huge plus as many patients suffer with some of level damage to their skin as a result of their acne condition, so having a slightly gentler form of treatment to fight the bacteria can give patients a way to reduce the scarring they experience following acne,” he explained.

Combatting Scarring

When fighting acne killing the bacteria is only half the battle. Many patients find that once they have effectively fought the condition they are left with varying levels of scarring. When combatting acne scarring, APSARAS clinic offers eDermastamp treatment to help.

eDermastamp is a cosmetic treatment that builds on medical microneedling, and encourages the growth of collagen in order to combat a number of issues within the skin such as scarring and loss of elasticity. eDermastamp treatment achieves this by inserting hundreds of microneedles into the skin into order to puncture the top layers of skin. This method of treatment encourages a faster skin repairing time and the growth of collagen, which improves the look of acne scarring.

“eDermastamp treatment is the perfect treatment for those looking to improve the look of acne scarring as it can provide patients with not only a longer term improvement to the look of acne scarring, but also fight other issues in the skin such as loss of elasticity. This is a huge positive as it means patients can combat a number of issues in just one treatment, resulting in a clear and youthful looking complexion,” said Dr. Thevendra.

“Fighting acne can be a long and difficult journey, and we here at APSARAS clinic understand this. We aim to give all of our patients the most comfortable and time efficient solution to their acne prone skin as possible. This attention to the patient’s needs teamed with experienced cosmetic professionals, such as myself, makes APSARAS clinic the perfect place to fight your acne prone skin.”

APSARAS clinic is the perfect place to undergo your acne treatment this summer. Their two-step course of treatment is the perfect solution to acne prone skin. If you would like to know more about either of the treatments mentioned, book your consultation with APSARAS clinic today.