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Treat acne scarring effectively

How to treat acne scarring effectively and safely

A very common reason patients visit APSARAS Clinic is for help regarding how to treat acne scarring. Of course, treating acne is another popular reason.

But in today’s blog we’ll be focusing on how to get glowing skin and how to rejuvenate the skin after you’ve suffered with acne and the scarring it leaves behind in many cases.

Why do we get acne?

Acne can be down to various factors, but for most patients it’s either hormonal, stress related or because of excess oils being produced by the skin. It’s more common in teenagers due to hormonal changes, however adult acne is very much a thing. In fact, for many, having adult acne can be more upsetting.

Famous faces that have spoken out about adult acne and acne scarring include actress Jorgie Porter and model Katie Price who were both left unhappy with their skin until they sought treatment.

Why does acne leave scarring?

The pucker marks, or craters as some refer to the scarring marks as, can serve as a permanent reminder of a time when you had acne. Scarring like this can occur for various reasons, and isn’t always to do with whether you picked at the spots. Although this of course doesn’t help matters.

Inflammatory acne, the type that often leads to scarring, specifically causes more enzymes in that area which leads to breaks in the skin and skin destruction. The skin in turn then tries desperately to heal itself but this often results in a scar.

Will it go away on its own?

Unlikely, I’m afraid. The scarring may fade but the uneven skin texture will remain.

What can be done to improve the appearance of acne scarring?

The good news is there are two really effective ways to treat acne scarring, and we offer both at APSARAS Clinic: Dermastamp and PRP. If you ant to rejuvenate the skin and get glowing skin once again these can help to transform the surface of your skin. They don’t work overnight and you need patience, but the results are impressive.

To rejuvenate the skin you may need to try a treatment that offers skin resurfacing. Dermastamp is perfect for this, helping to remove damage skin layers and acne scarring to help you get glowing skin once again.

Another excellent option is PRP (platelet rich plasma) which is a therapy designed to transform skin health. Your own blood provides the restorative cells needs to rejuvenate the skin, and it helps to rebuild the skin from deep down.

Are either right for me?

Both options are non surgical but do require some downtime so it’s important to factor that in to your plans. You should book a consultation if you wish to discuss the benefits of either Dermastamp or PRP, and to determine your suitability.

Book a consultation

We look forward to meeting you and talking through your individual goals and needs regarding ways to treat acne scarring. Don’t forget we can also help with active acne, and have cosmetic and aesthetic solutions to spot prone skin including cosmceutical skincare.