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Treating Acne Scars at APSARAS

We all suffer from spots from time to time but, as any acne sufferer will tell you, the scars this condition can leave a person with go more than skin deep.

Even after the acne has gone, the skin can be left with unsightly scarring and a bumpy texture which is a real issue to one’s self esteem.

Luckily the days are long gone where acne sufferers have to live with the constant reminder of the condition. With amazing advances in cosmetic treatments, there have been many dermatological products come on to the market which can improve almost any skin complaint.

One treatment which has wowed cosmetic doctors and skin experts, and provided excellent results, is Dermaroller (medical micro-needling). Essentially, this is a rolling tube covered in tiny micro needles which is rolled over the afflicted skin to stimulate collagen reproduction.

Dermarollers work by producing hundreds and thousands of microscopic needle holes in the dermis, which prompts the skin to produce fresh collagen and elastin and generate brand new cells. This therapy stimulates the skin to repair itself and can significantly improve the appearance of not only acne scars, but ageing and sun-damaged skin, wrinkles and stretch marks too.

And the best bit is?

With this treatment the worse your scarring is; the better the result should be.

Although no treatment can absolutely guarantee to ‘cure’ scarring, the treatment can make substantial and significant alterations to the surface of the skin, creating new collagen which repairs the tissue as part of deep scar management.

As with many procedures involving the skin, several sessions are needed in order to promote the healthy skin, and of course the more scar tissue you have on your face the longer you are likely to need the sessions.

Practitioners also point out you are not likely to see a difference in your skin until after the second session, with most patients requiring at least 3 sessions at least 6 weeks apart, and the treatment can be uncomfortable. Immediately post-treatment skin can look red and puffy, and feel tender

The lower face tends to respond best to Dermaroller therapy, although it can make the whole area look smoother and much fresher. The skin takes on a new vitality and looks brighter as well as firmer.

Most practitioners believe that Dermarolling is supportive in managing established acne scars. This treatment also can be combined with some laser treatments for even better results.

Some treatments which showed beneficial results when used with Dermarollers include Sculptra injections, Fractional CO2 Laser and Chemical Peels

The use of combination treatment offers good to significant improvement in some patients, depending on the degree of original scarring.

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