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Treating Ageing Skin With Sculptra Injection Treatment

Ageing is something none of us are fond of yet is a inevitable part of life. Although we know that ageing is something that can’t be stopped altogether many of us do look for ways to keep the skin from ageing for a little bit longer. It’s easy for us to feel like our youth is over before we really get a chance to bask in it; deep set lines, wrinkles and even sagging can start to make an appearance much to our dismay and leave us looking for a solution to our ageing woes. Well look no more, Sculptra injections might be the solution you’ve been looking for! Sculptra injection treatment is the latest in non-surgical anti-ageing treatment and aims to improve not only the look of deep set lines, wrinkles and creases, but also improves the look of sagging skin and target dark circles and scars too. Sculptra provides these results thanks to its chemical makeup that contains skin-smoothing microparticles and Poly-L-lactic acid that are able to penetrate deep layers of facial tissue to improve the look of ageing within the skin dramatically.

Unlike some surgical alternatives Sculptra is able to provide gradual and natural-looking results whilst causing less tissue trauma then traditional surgical methods to anti-ageing. This a huge benefit for many patients as it means they can improve the look of ageing skin without the need to endure a uncomfortable recovery process that caused skin trauma. Thanks to Sculptra’s non-surgical nature treatment is also quick and convenient. With an average procedure time of 30-45 minutes and no recovery time needed Sculptra treatment is the perfect cosmetic treatment for the busy modern man or woman. Patients can sit the treatment and get back to work straight away, with no effect on their daily routine at all.

Know your stuff

Although Scuptra does come with a wealth of positives that send patients flocking to undergo the treatment it also has risks too including swelling, bruising and bleeding at the site of injection as well as tenderness to the treated area, the risk of infection and post-treatment nodules. Patients may experience a slight tenderness to the skin following treatment which should subside within a couple of days following treatment.

Patients usually sit an initial course of three sittings of Sculptra treatment in a period of three consecutive months in order to ageing the best results. Patients can see a visible improve in the look of their skin up to 2 years following treatment but may require refreshed treatments to maintain the results.
Dr Thevendra of APSARAS Cosmetic Clinic is a cosmetic doctor with extensive knowledge and experience of Sculptra treatment.

Sculptra injections are a great solution to the signs of ageing many of us dread. The treatment provides patients with a quick, convenient and effective solution to ageing issues such as deep set lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity within the skin, and even dark circles. The great thing about Scuptra is the fact that the injectable is able to penetrate deeper layers of skin which can provide great anti-ageing results that look natural too. If you are seriously considering Sculptra treatment then I would strongly suggest patients seek the advice of an experienced cosmetic professional; they will be able to answer any questions you may have in a professional way, and be able to provide a higher standard of results if you choose to undergo treatment with them.”

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