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Treating a sagging neck with anti-ageing treatments

Treating a sagging neck has never been simpler with these cosmetic treatments

When it comes to treating a sagging neck there are multiple cosmetic treatments that are available at APSARAS Clinic. Which type of cosmetic treatment you decide to choose is entirely up to you.

However, with all anti-ageing treatments designed to improve the appearance of the neck, you’ll need a consultation with one of our medical professionals in order to ascertain suitability.

Is treating a sagging neck easy?

The key to treating sagging neck is to find the specific cosmetic procedure or treatment that is suitable for your individual needs. Every single patient is different and the issues they have with their appearance very vastly.

Treating a sagging neck can be possible using anti-ageing treatments but to some people cosmetic surgery will be the only option available. This honestly comes with a different set of risks and side-effects or complications, so a lot of people prefer using non-surgical alternatives if possible.

What treatments are available?

The beauty of treating a sagging neck is that there are numerous treatments available that are classed as non-surgical non-invasive. We have numerous treatments available to both men and women who were unhappy with the appearance of their neck.

Treatments to improve the appearance of the neck can include dermal fillers, muscle relaxing injections, volumising injections, skin tightening treatments using energy assistive devices, and chemical skin peels. There are other treatments available if these are not suitable, and your best course of action is to book a consultation to find out which is going to offer you the best result.

Are the results long-lasting?

This depends entirely on which form of cosmetic treatment that you decide to undertake. The results of all treatments last varying degrees of time, for example muscle relaxing injections last 6 to 12 months whereas skin tightening procedures can have results lasting up to 2 years.

In some cases a combination of treatments is the most reliable way to get the best results. Combination treatments may include dermal fillers and skin tightening using energy assisted devices, for example.

Where can I get more information?

There is information about all of our anti-ageing treatments on our website. Treating a sagging neck is easier than ever thanks to the nonsurgical treatments that are available. If you wish to get information about specific type of treatment please use the navigation bar above and read more about this specific anti-ageing procedure.

Booking a consultation

If you would like to book a consultation please use the contact us page. The consultation is a great way to find out more information about specific treatment audacity and your suitability. It’s also a reliable method of choosing your cosmetic doctor.

Meeting with your potential cosmetic doctor and discussing your needs as well as what you want to achieve in the long run it’s the best way to ensure you’re getting right service. We offer all new clients a half an hour free consultation, and welcome you to join us at our clinic in Coventry.