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Treating a turkey neck in time for Christmas

Treat a turkey neck with skin rejuvenation treatments

There are numerous effective ways to treat a turkey neck with non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. These can all help you look and feel more youthful before Christmas 2018!

Dr Thevendra and the team at APSARAS Clinic offer some of the most cutting edge aesthetic treatments for men and women seeking to rejuvenate their face and neck.

Sagging jowls and the dreaded crepe neck are just some of the issues that patients are seeking to improve. A saggy neck can make someone appear older than their age, but there’s no need to suffer in silence when it comes to treating a turkey neck.

What causes sagging jowls?

The ageing process or weight loss can both contribute to the appearance of loose neck skin. A saggy neck can manifest itself in various ways. These can include a crepe neck appearance or sagging jowls; in some cases both issues may be a concern.

For that reason a cosmetic treatment, or combination of cosmetic treatments, can be offered that help to lift, firm and tone the skin of the neck. This can include treatments such as dermal fillers, energy-assisted skin tightening, Botox and muscle relaxing injections, and platelet rich plasma therapy.

What treatments are available for patients that wish to treat a turkey neck?

Sagging jowls and crepe neck skin need different attention. For this reason it’s important to book a consultation to discuss your concerns and let the aesthetic doctor define a treatment plan for you.

Every patient is different, and a saggy neck treatment plan must be tailored to your specific needs. Popular non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments include Accent energy assisted skin tightening, Profhilo (a type of dermal filler) and PRP (plasma rich platelet therapy).


Non surgical skin tightening is a great way to firm loose skin on the neck and face. During treatment with Accent, a hand piece is move across the skin of the neck; energy penetrates the skin and stimulates collagen production. This in turn helps to tighten and tone the skin resulting a rejuvenated appearance to the area.

It’s non invasive and doesn’t puncture or break the skin, so you can be sure it’s safe and comfortable. The results are long lasting, and can it can be used as a stand alone skin rejuvenation treatment or as part of a combination of treatments.


Another injectable, Botox can be used to help further lines, wrinkles and creases from forming in and around the neck. It freezes the muscle it’s injected into, and is often used alongside dermal fillers or skin tightening treatments.


A popular type of dermal filler, Profhilo is used in cosmetic treatments to fill lines and wrinkles and creates a smoother appearance to the skin of the neck. It can be used to contour the lower face and neck, and is non surgical.

Dermal fillers like this require top up treatments to maintain the effect, but are a reliable and safe method of anti ageing. Being versatile, fillers can also be used on the face to improve contours and reduce signs of ageing.


A lesser known but highly effective anti ageing treatment PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a therapy that’s proved highly successful in improving the appearance of the neck and lower face. It not only improves skin texture and tone, but causes new collagen to form, making the area looking more youthful.

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Those are just 4 of the ways we can help you improve your skin, and rejuvenate the neck area. If you would like more information about non surgical skin rejuvenation treatments please contact us.