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Treating Veins With Sclerotherapy.


Treating Veins With Sclerotherapy.

Bulging veins on the legs are generally something we usually associate with the elderly, so it must be a real source of embarrassment for those who suffer with them – especially when you’re not (and do not feel) old. Not to mention the pain some people suffer with problem veins and blood vessels. If you’re one of these people suffering from varicose veins maybe Sclerotherapy can help.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that involves a injection being deposited into the vein or blood vessels that are protruding in order to reduce or eradicate the visibility of the unwanted vessels or veins. It works by injecting a substance that causes the vein or vessel to swell and react, to make the walls of the unwanted vessel stick together and eventually fade.

Most problem veins and blood vessels will disappear from visible view after the treatment. However some veins do need more than one session or treatment in order to get the best possible results from this procedure. Spider veins will also be reduced as a result of this procedure.

Like all procedures there are risks involved that need to be carefully thought about before undergoing this treatment. Some possible side effects or risks include slight change in pigmentation along the treated vein, possible bruising, blistering and pain along the site of the targeted vein.

There are many positives to undergoing this procedure. Firstly, you will be able to enjoy and join in on actives that your perturbing veins may have made you unable to take part in or feel too self-conscious to get involved. Secondly, it can help ease or remove the pain your may be suffering due to your bulging veins or blood vessels. Finally, the boost you will gain from the treatment is amazing; having veins or vessels that are noticeable can really affect your confidence to removing irritating blood vessels.

After the procedure patients are free to go home or return to work right after the treatment. However, compression bandages will have to be worn by the patient for 3 weeks after the procedure. The procedure isn’t entirely painless and certain elements within the injection are known to cause some pain and discomfort, especially if injected outside the vessel wall.

This procedure is suitable for anyone that is suffering with visible veins and blood vessels, those with varicose veins are also suitable for this treatment. Like any treatment you suitability to undergo the treatment will also rest on the state of your general health. You will also be examined by the cosmetic professional to check your suitability for this treatment. If you have any further questions or would like more information on the risks involved in this treatment we suggest you talk to your surgeon, doctor or cosmetic professional.

When it comes to Sclerotherapy there is only one man for the job: Dr. Thevendra. Dr. Thevendra has been based in Coventry for 28 years and is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and the Association of Sclerotherpists, making him the perfect doctor to do perform your Sclerotherapy procedure. He is also a founding member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors.

With an eye for detail and an always professional attitude, Dr. Thevendra is a safe and attentive pair of hands to put your treatment in. If you would like more information on Sclerotherapy, or any other surgical and non-surgical treatment, then book your consultation with Dr Thevendra at APSARAS today.