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Undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments safely

What questions to ask before undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments

When it comes to undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments it’s importance to have an understanding of what your chosen treatment entails and how it will affect you and your appearance in the long run. At APSARAS Clinic we believe taking the time to get to know you and your goals to enable us to provide you with the most appropriate form of cosmetic treatment.

When choosing to undergo skin rejuvenation treatments it’s important to consider the safety aspects as well as the positives it may bring in terms of the way you feel about your appearance. At the clinic we make sure that your consultation is thorough and allows you to ask the questions you feel are necessary in making informed decision before choosing to undergo nonsurgical anti-ageing treatments.

With so much information available online patients often feel like they have all of the answers before they even come to their first consultation, but the truth is there is a lot to consider before undergoing cosmetic treatments even if they are non-invasive. For that reason we have put together some of the best questions you can ask during your initial meeting with the cosmetic doctor.

Below you will find some questions we think it’s important you get the answers to, to allow you to make an informed and balanced judgement if you decide to move forward and undergo skin rejuvenation treatments.

What does this type of treatment involve?

It is absolutely paramount that you understand what your chosen skin rejuvenation treatment involves before undergoing it. This includes having a understanding of what product is being used, how long the treatment will take, where the treatment will take place, and how best you can recover from it.

Am I suitable for this type of skin rejuvenation treatment?

This question is extremely important – you need to know prior to agreeing to undergo any form of treatment that you are indeed suitable for it. This also includes finding out how long the results are likely to last, to allow you to make informed decision about whether or not this treatment is indeed the right one for you. For example, if you are looking for a lifting result (ike a facelift) you may not find nonsurgical alternatives offer the long term result you’re looking for.

Who will be performing my treatment?

You should know who is going to be performing your treatment. If you have a consultation with a medical professional, determine who will actually be injecting your fillers or providing your skin tightening treatment. Don’t forget to ask about qualifications and origins of products too.

Is there any advice for preparing for my treatment?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how you can prepare for your treatment. In some cases it may be suggested that you need to refrain from taking certain medication.

What do I do if I do not like the results?

In most cases patients are satisfied with the results of the treatment, but is important to have a realistic expectation of what non surgical skin rejuvenation treatments can offer you. If you do not like the results of your anti-ageing treatment the first thing to do is to speak directly to the medical professional who provided the treatment. If after that you are still unhappy with the results or the service you’ve been provided there are complaints procedures that are put in place to allow you to get help.

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