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The Vampire’s Secret To Youthful Skin? Try My Cell PRP Treatment

The Vampire’s Secret To Youthful Skin? Try My Cell PRP Treatment

The legend of the vampire is well know, whether it’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga. In fact the idea of vampires returned to the media not so long with hit shows such as True Blood and The Vampire Diaries which gained worldwide popularity and it’s easy to see why society is captivated by vamps. These pale creatures always appear youthful and beautiful, but what if these fictional creatures hold the secret to anti-ageing? For many people the vampire facelift, named after the use of blood to rejuvenate the face, is a staple in their beauty regimen. At APSARAS we offer My Cells PRP treatment.
My Cells PRP treatment is a cosmetic treatment that aims to restore and rejuvenated and youthful glow to patients skin whilst only using natural ingredients that are already be found with your body. My Cells PRP main ingredient is in fact extracts of a patient’s own blood, which is used to non-surgically bring a youthful glow back to the face. My Cells PRP treatment simply involves taking a blood sample form the patients arm – in the same way as it would be done for medical purposes – before the plasma and platelets within the blood are separated and re-injected back into the skin, along with various natural vitamins and acids.

My Cell PRP treatment is growing in popularity quickly, as more and more patients become aware of the huge positives that come with the treatment. For example My Cell PRP treatment is quick and convenient. With an average procedure time of just 30 minutes and little to no recovery time necessary, PRP treatment is suitable for almost any patient’s lifestyle and cuts out any inconvenience that can come with some skin rejuvenation treatments. My Cell PRP treatment is also very safe and comes with dramatically lower risks than most cosmetic treatments. Thanks to My Cells PRP’s all natural elements, the chance of patients experiencing a reaction – which can happen with some other skin rejuvenation treatments – is eliminated as all the elements used can already be found with your body. The only risk involved with My Cell PRP treatment is the possibility of contracting infection as a result of treatment. However this is extremely rare and as long as the treatment is performed by a qualified and experienced cosmetic professional you shouldn’t experience this.

My Cell PRP has even experienced some publicity thanks to famous fans of the treatment. Reported fans of the treatment include Hollywood icon Kim Kardashian and golfer Tiger Woods. The treatment gives almost instant results that improve blood circulation to the facial tissue as well as promoting the production of collagen within the skin, leaving you with rejuvenated and healthier looking skin.

“I personally think My Cell PRP treatment is becoming more and more popular due to a change in the public’s needs from cosmetic treatment. People now more than ever want easy skin rejuvenation treatments that provide natural looking results and conveniently fit within their busy life schedule. My Cell PRP treatment offer all of these positives and more which I think have really tapped into the modern cosmetic patient’s wants and needs” said Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic, Coventry.

If My Cell PRP treatment interests you or you would simply like more information on the treatment book your consultation with Dr Thevendra today and find out what My Cell PRP treatment can do to help you.