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The best dermal fillers West Midlands

Choosing the best dermal fillers West Midlands

When choosing where to undergo non surgical anti ageing treatments you may be seeking the best dermal fillers West Midlands, and APSARAS Clinic in Coventry we provide facial fillers for male and female patients from across the region.

Whether you’re from Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester or Wolverhampton, the best dermal fillers West Midlands can help to improve numerous signs of ageing and are reliable and popular anti ageing treatment for lines and wrinkles.

If you like the ideal of reducing lines and wrinkles look no further than the best dermal fillers West Midlands we offer here at the Coventry aesthetics clinic. Used for the treatment of ageing lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, facial fillers are a quick anti ageing treatment.

Unlike Botox and muscle relaxing injection that prevent further lines from forming by freezing the muscles, dermal fillers are used to literally fill lines and smooth wrinkles, giving patients a more youthful result. Facial fillers are popular, effective and natural-looking.

When seeking out a Coventry aesthetics clinic to undergo the best dermal fillers West Midlands, it’s important to do your research and choose a clinic that can support you and offer a bespoke service and anti ageing treatment. There are numerous benefits to undergoing dermal fillers and injectable anti ageing treatments at APSARAS Clinic, explored below by Dr Thevendra.

Dermal fillers are simple and quick to administer

One of the main reasons facial fillers are popular is because the best dermal fillers West Midlands are quick to perform and often take less than an hour to administer. Treating lines and wrinkles is not painful and requires no downtime away from work or family life. With beautiful results and super speedy treatment times there’s no denying the popularity of the dermal fillers used at the Coventry aesthetics clinic will continue to rise.

The best dermal fillers West Midlands are long lasting

Gone are the days where facial fillers need repeating every 6 months, thanks to the new types of dermal fillers available in the UK. At APSARAS Clinic in Coventry we offer Profhilo: the best dermal fillers West Midlands for anti ageing. The results of Profhilo dermal filler treatments are long lasting and can offer anti wrinkle results for up to 18 months.

Dermal fillers are a safe method of anti ageing treatment

When it comes to the best dermal fillers West Midlands you need to be sure the anti ageing treatments you’re being given are safe and reliable. Profhilo is an advanced facial filler, designed to offer natural looking results without creating an over filled appearance. Dr Thevendra is one of the first cosmetic doctors in the UK to offer this form of skin rejuvenation treatment and has seen some excellent natural-looking results using this injectable facial filler.

Book a consultation with the best Coventry aesthetics clinic for more information about the Profhilo dermal fillers and other anti ageing treatments we offer at the clinic.