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Chemical skin peel for skin rejuvenation

Certain aesthetic treatments are always in Vogue, none more so than chemical skin peels. Of course, injectable anti-ageing treatments such as dermal fillers are popular at the moment, but it’s hard to find a non-surgical treatment with more to offer than chemical skin peels.

APSARAS Clinic offers chemical skin peels to both male and female patients across the West Midlands. Offering a multitude of positives, chemical skin peels come in three strengths. Depending on your concerns, a chemical skin peel can often be offered to help as a skin rejuvenation treatment as well as an anti-ageing option.

Patients from Birmingham, Derby, Wolverhampton, Leicester and Solihull will often travel to our Coventry-based aesthetic clinic to undergo chemical skin peel treatment. Effective and versatile, chemical skin peels offer numerous benefits, and can be used as a solo treatment or as part of a wider long-term treatment plan.

Offering so much more than skin rejuvenation, chemical skin peels can help to ease the following concerns:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Dull complexion
  • Poor skin tone
  • Dry skin
  • Acne scarring

A full skin assessment is required to determine whether chemical skin peels are suitable for you, but Dr Thevendra and the aesthetic experts here at APSARAS Clinic offer this treatment to many patients each year. There are three strengths of chemical skin peel available, and each offers patients different results.

Superficial chemical skin peels are the least invasive of the selection available currently. Acting as a skin rejuvenation treatment, superficial chemical skin peels gently resurface the top layer of the skin by removing the dead cells. This is excellent for patients with very fine lines, poor skin tone and dry skin, and for those looking to improve their skin quality on a superficial level. The skin will usually appear brighter and softer post-treatment, and you will be in minimal discomfort. Results can be seen relatively quickly, and you can combine chemical skin peels of this nature with injectable anti-ageing or skin rejuvenation in the form of cosmeceutical skin care should you wish.

A medium strength chemical skin peel offers similar rejuvenation properties to the superficial chemical skin peel, although this is a stronger concentrate of acid. The skin is damaged in a controlled way, allowing new collagen to be stimulated and produced. Patients often report this form of chemical skin peel treatment leaves their skin looking and feeling more youthful, although it takes a little while for the skin surface to heal.

A deep peel is the strongest form of chemical skin peel, and is more invasive than the other two forms of treatment. Sedation will be likely be required, and you will need to book recovery time in to your plans. The concentration of the acid solution is strong, and your skin will look red and sore post-treatment. Results however are quite striking, and you’ll likely see a marked difference in your skin quality and texture. Wrinkles and crows feet can be treated with success, and if you’d like to combine chemical skin peels like this with injectable anti-ageing treatments or other skin rejuvenation options that can usually be arranged.

A full consultation is required in order to discover whether chemical skin peels are the right anti-ageing or skin rejuvenation treatment for you. It’s important you consider the risks and complications as well as the rewards, and understand the limitations of chemical skin peel treatment.

Free consultations are offered to new patients, and we welcome men and women from cities across the Midlands including Derby, Leicester and Birmingham, as well as Coventry and Wolverhampton. More information on chemical skin peels can be found find the treatment pages, and you can email or call APSARAS Clinic’s reception team for available appointments.