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Refresh Your Skin This Summer At APSARAS Clinic

It may not feel like it yet but summer has officially started. Soon we’ll be dusting off our sundresses, shorts and shades to bask in the sunshine, however the summer also means wearing a more low-key look to our makeup. After a long winter this thought can fill many women with dread as they are forced to bare their dull skin. It doesn’t have be this way though; with the help of APSARAS Clinic you can replenish that youthful glow and enjoy the sunshine once more without heavy makeup.

One of the biggest issues that many people deal with during this time is how to recapture a healthy glow to their skin. After a long, harsh and sunless winter the skin can look dull or even unhealthy, and it can be really hard to restore the glow to your skin in time for summer. However the secret to healthy looking skin may already be inside of you. My Cell PRP treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to rejuvenate the look of tired and dull skin whilst only using natural ingredients that can be found within the patient’s body. The treatment works by stimulating better blood circulation to the facial tissue and encouraging the growth of collagen through the injection of plasma rich platelets. My Cell PRP treatment involves taking a sample of the patient’s blood; once collected the plasma and platelets within the sample are then separated and placed in a new syringe. The plasma and platelets are then joined by a number of different natural substances that are proven to have health benefits for your skin and are injected back into the patient’s body. The great thing about My Cell PRP treatment is that it provides patients with the skin rejuvenating results they want but in a safe way. Thanks to My Cell PRP’s natural ingredients patients can not have a reaction to the treatment – unlike some non-surgical injectable treatments. This is a huge positive as it means patients can gain the results they want safe in the knowledge that the risks involved with treatment are much lower than many other surgical and non-surgical treatments. Rejuvenating, safe and natural, My Cell PRP is the perfect treatment for patients wanting a natural solution to their dulling skin.

Worried about sagging skin? eDermastamp treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to vastly improve the look of skin issues such as acne scarring whilst also improving the elasticity of the treated skin. eDermastmp treatment takes its inspiration from medical micro-needling and involves cosmetically puncturing the top layers of skin in order to encourage a quicker skin repairing process and stimulate the growth of collagen within the skin. These two factors can vastly improve the look of skin imperfections and restore a youthful tone to the skin. The brilliant thing about eDermastamp treatment is that it allows patients to vastly improve the look of skin imperfections and restore a youthful elasticity to the skin without the need for surgical intervention. Due to eDermastamp treatment’s non-surgical form it also comes with dramatically lower risks compared to many of its surgical counterparts too. The results of eDermastamp treatment may not be instantly visible as it takes time for the new collagen to grow, however patients can expect to see results within four to six months following treatment and can see the results of the treatment for up to eighteen months following treatment. Revitalising, safe and effective, eDermastamp is the perfect treatment for patients looking to improve the look of imperfections and sagging within the skin.

If you would like any more information on any of the treatments mentioned within this article then book your consultation with APSARAS clinic today. Our cosmetic doctor Dr. Thevendra is an experienced and respected cosmetic doctor and is happy to talk you through the treatments mentioned in this blog in much more retail. Call 024 7669 3700 to book your consultation and start your journey to summer ready skin.