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Skin Rejuvenation With My Cells PRP


Skin Rejuvenation With My Cells PRP

Skin rejuvenation is nothing new to the world of cosmetic treatment and many patients choose well known cosmetic treatments like muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers every year, but is there another answer your skin concerns – My Cells PRP.

My Cells PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) treatment is the latest in non-surgical skin rejuvenation, and is an all natural answer your skin woes. My Cells PRP, or ‘Dracula therapy as it’s often referred to, harnesses your body’s natural plasma and platelets that can be found in the blood to replenish the look and feel of the skin to achieve a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian reportedly being fans of this treatment, it’s easy to see why the procedure is gaining in popularity. My Cells PRP encourages the production of new collagen without the need for surgical intervention – or any unnatural substances being injected into the body. Due to the all natural nature of My Cell PRP treatment, your body is unlikely to reject the plasma-rich solution which is a huge positive for many patients. This unique treatment is a safe and quick way to rejuvenate the skin, making it ideal for women looking for a more youthful glow.

Dr Thevendra says: “Many patients are now converting from more traditional non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, like muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers, and it’s easy to see why. Patients can achieve the same results as other non-surgical rejuvenation treatments without the additional risks and side-effects that can sometimes come with these treatments. It’s all natural, and the only treatment in the UK that uses this type of science.”

He continues: “We’re seeing an increase in the number of patients considering My Cell PRP treatment, especially with press coverage now picking up momentum and celebrities openly coming out as fans of the treatment. I have had specialised interest in My Cell PRP treatment as both a single treatment and in combination with other non-surgical cosmetic treatments for a while now, and personally think My Cell PRP treatment is a much better option compared to other skin rejuvenation treatments. It offers great results without any health complications or artificial results which is a huge plus.”

My Cell PRP is aimed at rejuvenating the look of dull skin but is not necessarily aimed at reversing the signs of ageing skin, such as lines and wrinkles. If ageing lines and wrinkles on your skin are the main issue other non-surgical cosmetic treatments might be more appropriate, or could make a great combination with My Cell PRP treatment.

My Cell PRP is usually performed within 40-50 minutes and does not require any recovery time like some non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments, and patients will not feel discomfort during the treatment. The extraction of blood from the body to re-inject follows the same procedure as any blood sample or donation procedure you many have sat before, and the injection of the rejuvenating PRP solution is no different to the injections of dermal fillers or muscle relaxing injections.

If you are considering undergoing My Cell PRP treatment you should pick a cosmetic doctor you can trust. Dr Thevendra is an experienced member of the cosmetic industry and is famed for his work with My Cell PRP treatment. Like all cosmetic procedures, you need to undergo a consultation with your chosen practitioner to make sure you understand the treatment and what it can do for your skin. It is also your chance to ask Dr Thevendra and the APSARAS team any questions you have prior to deciding on treatment.

Why not book your consultation with Dr Thevendra from APSARAS today and take the first step to fresher rejuvenated skin?