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Try Aqualyx And Get Rid Of Fat Without Going Under the Knife


Small pockets of fat that just won’t go away – no matter how much exercise you do or how hard you try to stick to healthy diets – can be extremely irritating for those who have spent a lot of time slogging it in the gym and have lost a good amount of weight.

Deciding to go under the knife with procedures such as ‘abdominoplasty’ or ‘liposuction’ can be a scary decision to make. However, there are some non-surgical procedures which target fat and at a speedier time too.

Dr. Thevendra now offers an injection that is administered into areas of the body in which there is stubborn deposits of fat. Aqualyx, is a water-based solution that is injected into the fat through a special fine needle using a unique technique.

The treatment causes dissolution of fat cells which the body then expels the released fatty acids naturally, through urination. During the procedure, the fatty area is market with a pen and a cannula – a needle with a tube in – is placed under the skin and the Aqualyx solution is injected. It takes around ten minutes for each area and the patient is left with swelling and soreness for a few days, but should see results after a week or so.

Aqualyx isn’t for the overweight or obese – it is not a weight loss treatment and it is aimed at those aged 18-60. It is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that is best suitable for those who are at their ideal weight and have a little bit of fat that they wish to remove which diet and exercise won’t shift.

The reason behind this issue is known to be down to genetics and the special structure of our fat cells in certain areas of the body.  The  human  body naturally  stores  fat  in  order  to  supply  energy  in  times  of restraint. Fat cells located in the subcutaneous fat tissue are difficult to diminish, as only their contents and overall volume can  be  altered,  but  not  the  fat  cells  themselves. Once Aqualyx is injected, the area increases its metabolism, burning the fat cells quicker.

Aqualyx targets fat-prone areas including double chins, sagging jowls, tummy, love handles, upper arms or knees, and inner or outer thigh areas. The procedure can also be used to treat pseudo-gynecomastia (man boobs or ‘moobs’) in men too.

A local anaesthetic can be applied to the area, if need be, to improve patient comfort levels, although the process is painless with only a warming sensation, slight itching and a reddening appearance is known, which may last for a few days afterwards too.

A reduction in fatty deposits can be seen after the treatment has been done, however, between three and eight sessions will offer optimum results. You should expect to have around 3-5 appointments with four week intervals before you can actually perceive the results. The speed at which you can see results depends on the stability of the cell membranes.

The great advantage of using Aqualyx is that fat cells do not return and there is no downtime whatsoever. However, you should continue to exercise regularly and eat healthy to optimise the after-effect of Aqualyx as over-indulging afterwards cause calories to be stored elsewhere and can build up fat in other areas of the body, than the place you have targeted with Aqualyx.

If you are looking to diminish that troublesome area of fat that you are constantly fighting a battle with in your lifestyle, then book a consultation with Dr. Thevendra to discuss Aqualyx further and get rid of fat for good.